Best Places To Visit In Europe In 2019

When we talk about traveling to the most beautiful places in the world. It’s the word “Europe” that comes first to our minds. The place is a hub of cultural places, historical places, magnificent architecture, amazing scenery, dazzling cuisine and stunning seasides and islands. Though, we cannot select just 5 best places in Europe because all of its places are fascinating in their own way but here is the list of some of the magical places in Europe which you must visit in 2019.

5. Matera, Italy

Matera is unique, historic and ancient place dwells with caves carved into hills, stone walls are a masterpiece for history lovers. It is considered as the jewel of Basilicata and it is in the spotlight in 2019 for its cultural importance. Italy itself is a center of museums, galleries, restaurants, fountains, sculptures and wonderful parts.

4. Rhine Valley, Germany

The landscape of Rhine Valley in Germany comprised of castles and cobblestone streets along with half-timbered buildings and mesmerizing vineyards. UNESCO declared this place as a heritage site from Koblenz to Rudesheim. This is a great place to visit for your vacation to see beautiful architecture.

3. Corfu, Greece

Corfu island in Germany has great, idyllic scenery, the place is full of life along with its marvelous beaches. This is a quite large island, it is recommended to hire a car and explore every corner of this beautiful place. The Corfu island is best to visit in the summers.

2. Croatia

Croatia is a small place in Europe with stunning diversity and welcoming people. The place is also getting attention due to the filming of “Game of Thrones” at this magical place. When you visit in Golden Triangle of Istria region must try its olive oil, Roman emperors also used olive oil from this place in the past. Croatia is one of the best countries to visit in Europe this year.

1. Andalusia, Spain

This is the breathtaking and charming place jeweled with cobblestone streets and wonderful scenery. You can find glamour and grandeur of Spain in Seville and Malaga. One of the most liked places is the Alhambra in Granada for its architecture and beauty. It dwells some of the amazing beaches and even contains a glimpse of Africa in Tarifa. I suggest you rent a car and take a tour to explore the beautiful architecture of this place. The best time to visit Andalusia is from March to June and from August to November.