Common Mistakes While Traveling Europe

Traveling Europe is everyone’s dream, the magical journey to Europe and its history, architecture, cuisines, sea sites, landscapes will add an intoxicating blend in your life your. However, things can go against you and make your journey a nightmare if you make these common mistakes we are going to share. Avoid these mistakes in Europe and have an amazing experience while traveling.

Travel Insurance

Use travel insurance during your trip. Your local health insurance usually doesn’t cover travel insurance. You may have an injury or illness while traveling, hence for the safe side must buy health insurance.

Do not underestimate Europe

Do not underestimate Europe, it occupies a large area and places. There are so many stunning and incredible places to travel. Europe looks small on the map but it is really not the case in reality. Do not stick only to popular cities and spot. Visit small and underrated places to a great traveling experience in Europe.

Do not underestimate the cost

It might be possible to travel to Europe at a small cost but it will be your big mistake if you underestimate the cost of traveling. In the mid-cities food, accommodations, entertainment and drinks can be very expensive. You must carry some extra money other than you spending estimates to avoid any problem.

Different Currencies

Europe is a big place to travel, when you travel across the continent you will find each country with different currencies. This can affect your spending estimates while traveling. Therefore, convert your currency according to the places you are traveling and draw a proper estimate to avoid any disaster.

Language problem

Not all the people in Europe can speak the English language. They may help you to know the right direction to your destination but it can be a serious problem in small places and rural areas. Try to use apps and do homework before going to a place.

Not informing your bank

Make sure to inform your credit card company or bank and gives then necessary information before traveling overseas. Otherwise, your credit card can be blocked at the airport and this can ruin your trip.

Emergency situation

Be prepared for any kind of emergency situation and carry your first aid kit with yourself to deal with any injury. Write down the important phone number in case if your phone is stolen. If you lose your passport you must be able to contact the nearest embassy.

Best Hiking Spots in Europe

Everybody likes a different kind of activities in Europe like hiking. Every place wonderful landmarks, beautiful natural forests and many other places are worth hiking for traveling in Europe. You can find much landscapes, mountains and wonders in Europe as you found in Asia and America. Following are the destinations that are must hike spots in Europe.

1. Seven Hanging Valley Trail

Lagoa is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Algarve. The place is known to be the most beautiful beach in Europe. The beach provides wonderful sights of Chapel, Cova, and many other beaches. The place is great for any aged man also it beautiful, great and wonderful hiking sights of Europe.

2. Plitvice Lake

The park is known to be the most beautiful in Europe and is always admired by the love of its travelers. There are about 8 types of series of about 3000 to 18000 meters. The easiest way to travel this place is by airport Zadar and then by renting a car. It will take about one to two hours to travel to Plitvice Lake from Zadar. The place is worth seeing in the season of summer and winter.

3. Kjeragbolten

Kjeragbolten is considered one of the most insisted hikes in Europe traveling. Near Kjeragbolten there is a town named Lysebotn that is recommended to visit there. The place to stay at a hotel at that place is Stavanger of the best price. From Lysebotn to Kjeragbolten the drive time is about three to four hours. The car parking can be found easily but it costs about twenty dollars per day which is too much expensive.

4. Bled

The place is near the capital of Slovenia and is one of the most significant and great attractions in Europe. You can visit the place by renting a bus for about twelve dollars and you should also keep about fifteen dollars in your pocket to visit a mall island in the middle of the lake by renting a boat. In the small island, there exists a small church which takes about ten dollars to ring the bell of it. Most people say the place is fun but the place is too much expensive. However, you can also rent a bike to visit the breathtaking forests of Slovenia. The best place for staying at a hotel at this place is in Ljubljana that has the best prices recommended by everyone.

Things to do in Europe

  1. Florence
    Piazza Michelangelo is one of the most iconic places in Europe. If you are living in Europe you must visit the place once. It has been the place for many social gatherings in Europe. Though must have been lost of Italy in recent years it doesn’t have lost the love of its people.
  2. Athens
    The Acropolis is one of the most popular places in Europe. The place gets you back at the time of ancient Greece Era. The place has a great view and has been a place of much social public. If you step down from Koulouris you find many streets and carts over there.
  3. Art
    You are living in Europe at this time the best thing you could do is to visit Europe and see some great Art. These Arts are of the some best-known things of past that bring the joy of the reality. The main Art of the pastis saved in museums by France and Italy.
  4. Berlin
    You must have heard of the heartbreaking events of The World War II of The Berlin Wall. There is no restriction on visiting that wall. You can even walk pass by it. The place is divided into about fourteen parts to the center of the city.
  5. Scotland
    Scotland has been a place for many castles. One of the greatest one is Inverlochy Castle. The castle has now been changed to an inn for personal reasons. This is the place you must visit in Europe to enjoy the reality of this continent.
  6. Rome
    Visiting Rome is like one of the best decision to change your dream life into reality. The ancient ruins of The Great Roman Empire bring you back to the time of The Roman Rule. Rome was fallen but the beauty has not been lost.
  7. London
    Feeling hungry you now have the chance to visit the old Rules. The great pictures are aside the most main picture is the old type of culture adopted at that place. The place brings a great time of English Empire when everything there was Common.
  8. Georgia
    When the time comes to Georgia’s geography then there is more time left to discover in Europe. Svaneti is one of the most historic places in Europe to visit in these times. The European topography is not left behind, it’s way ahead more than you think.